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Your supplier of life science research products

Coomassie Blue

*For Staining Proteins

Coomassie Instant Blue

Catalog number : ISB01L
Quantity: 1L
Availability: Yes
Price: 156$

Coomassie Blue Description

Coomassie Blue is the assembly of the both triphenylmethane [C19H16] colorings, which were used in the textile industry, but nowadays are getting in the biochemistry by dying protein stains with blue hue.
The more common Coomassie Blue dye is the R-250, which combination consists of blue with red shade and the lucidity of the dye gel.
The other Coomassie G-250, whose "G" stands for Green, has pH more than 0.
The difference of the pH and the molecule structure makes the variety of Coomassie Blue. From red to green and then to brilliant bright blue, just like the rainbow.
Roughly said, Coomassie R-250 is more responsive, while G-250 is more comfortable to be used.

Coomassie Blue R-250 structure Coomassie Blue R-250 structure
Coomassie Blue G-250 structure Coomassie Blue G-250 structure

InstantBlue is the newer and better version of the Coomassie Blue stain. With it's fantastic formula, containing zero methanol, proteins can be dyed in just minutes, without the need of washing, fixing or destaining.

Coomassie Instant Blue Contents

1L package, containing Coomassie dye, ethanol, phosphoricid acid and solubilizing agents in water. (Caution: Phosphoric acid is a corrosive liquid.)

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Coomassie Q&A

Can Coomassie Blue Stain DNA?

No, Coomassie Blue can't stain DNA.
For staining DNA use Ethidium Bromide.

Can Coomassie Stain be reused?

No, Coomassie Stain can't be reused.

Can you restain Coomassie gel?

No, once you stain Coomassie gel,
there is no going back.

What can Coomassie Blue be used for?

Our short article about What Can
Coomassie Blue Be Used For?

Coomassie Specifications

Chemical Formula: C45H44N3NaO7S2
Molar Mass: ~826g/mol
Physical state: Solid
Absorption Maximum: 595 nm

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